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Want to write a song?
Want feedback on a current song?
Want to learn how technology can help you maximise your musical potential?

Production & Technology

Learning about how to produce and use technology is becoming more and more important to musicians, since all the jobs of the music industry are combining. Every creative musician should have a basic understanding of how to record themselves, their ideas and produce audio recordings or sheet music to communicate these ideas.


We teach production & techology in 2 ways:


1. They can be incorporated into your instrumental lessons. Some of our tutors are able to teach you how to play a song, then how to record the song finishing with how to produce the song.


2. Alternatively  you can bring your pre-existing work(s) along and we can show you tips and tricks to improve this work and grow your understanding using programmes like Logic Pro X & Garageband for producing or Sibelius for scoring your compositions.


What we offer is ideal for students studying music or music technology at BTEC, GCSE or A-level. We can't do your work for you, but we can give you the tools to do it for yourself!


From your guitar/piano and lyric notebook can come genius at any age; but how do you know when it's genius?? Would it be great if there was someone that can listen to your work in progress and let you know if you're on the right path or help to ignite the next spark of inspiration? Well, if you find that you need guidance, then we have tutors that can help you with all aspects of song-writing including chord sequences, song structures and lyrics. Then even get to record your songs in our production studio and we can even give you the skills to be able to do it at home.


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