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Want to build your musical foundations?
Ever wanted to know why music is the way it is?
Or do you simply HAVE to do Grade 5 Theory to get to Grade 6? (everyone does!)

Music theory is the backbone of western music. It's not all alto clefs and plagal cadences - sometimes it's just great to know why a chord progession works the way it does, or how to improve a musical idea by knowing what you're options are.


We provide theory lessons and courses of all levels and all styles - though we know through experience that classical or jazz theory will cover you in the majority of cases. It doesn't matter what instrument you play, the theoy behind MUSIC is the same. That's what we teach.


One focus we have is to get students to the critical grade 5 level that allows them to progress further on their own instument. We offer different levels of engagement or a combination of these depending on your needs and budget. See our rates for more details on these.


  • One-on-one theory lessons

  • Small group theory courses (see below)

  • Marking and feedback services


We also have theory courses for those less interested in exams and more interested in MUSIC. These are tailored to the individuals on each course, meaning you will learn things you want to learn and then things that you didn't know that you wanted to learn! This type of teaching is very exciting for us as it is driven by the students wants.


TiM Grade 5 Theory in a Week - Summer course

minimum 3 students to go ahead

Course Overview


An in-depth 'crash' course in music theory. We go though the Grade 5 syllabus by topic and make sure that every aspect of each topic is clear, concise and retainable in a fun and relaxed environment. We only teach in small groups so that each student has the chance to show us where their strengths and weaknesses are. This allows us to ensure that concepts are completely understood before moving on.


The materials we use to teach are yours to keep and refer to so that when the exam comes up, you can refer back to these and make sure all the concepts are as clear in your mind as when you leave the course on Friday. We also provide follow-up support by including marking and feedback of 3 past papers AND email/phone support for any lingering questions up to the date of the exam: we want you to pass with confidence!


Included in the course


  • Original course materials for concept learning

  • Marking of 3 Grade 5 past papers after the course; with detailed feedback (usually £57)

  • 10% discount on one-on-one theory lessons, music theory club fees and extra past paper marking

  • E-mail/phone support for any lingering questions after the course up to the date of the exam

  • Healthy refreshments




  • Must have completed the ABRSM workbook 'Music Theory in Practice Grade 1'

  • Must have a basic knowledge of the bass clef

  • Must have completed at least grade 3 on their instrument (or be at grade 3 standard)


Required materials


  • AB Guide to Music Theory Part 1 (reference book)

  • Music Theory in Practice Grades 2-5 (workbooks)

  • Grade 5 Music Theory Past Papers 2012-2014 (for exam practice)

  • A sharp pencil (ideally propellor pencil), ruler and rubber


The total cost of these books is £40.50 from ABRSM or we can provide these at the same cost so they are ready and waiting for you. Please let us know if you already have any of them as we can remove them from the bundle.


Keyboard Skills for the multi-instrumentalist

If piano is not your first instrument or even your first love, but you would like to expand your learning into the instrument, then we can offer a service to help you take the knowledge you have already and grow it using the piano as a tool.


We suggest that you take a course of 12 piano lessons and tell us what your primary instrument is and how far you would like to go with your keyboard skills. Then we can tailor a course of learning for you in the first instance and guide you to becoming a multi-instrumentalist.


Monday-Friday 9:00am-9:00pm

​Saturday 9:00am-1:00pm

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